Anthony J. Petchkis is a Boston Based landscape artist who has been exhibiting for the past twenty years. Anthony's art has focused on the New England and Adirondack regions. In particular, the North Shore of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Martha's Vineyard, and the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, New York.

To explore the unique colors of autumn, Anthony will draw inspiration from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Connecticut. For the study of atmosphere and drama of summer Anthony will paint along the marshes and coastline of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Another favorite place to explore in depth is the natural beauty of late spring and summer in Martha's Vineyard.

Although Anthony continues to be inspired by the great American masters of the Hudson River School, his individual vision is unique in his choice and application of medium. Mastering pastel on rag board or paper, which is painted, not drawn. This creates a homogeneous finish, which can be perceived as almost photographic. Another favorite medium is oil on canvas, but he will only produce two or three a year.

With the collaboration of Fine Art Impressions in Beverly, MA, Anthony is self-publishing and now has available limited edition fine art giclée prints. This new and exciting medium most closely emulates the original pastel far better than past methods of fine art printing. To keep this excluvise and unique, Anthony has chosen to keep his editions to seventy-five.

As with his predecessors, Anthony hopes that through his art he can inspire his viewers to the awe and beauty of paradise that is the Great American Landscape.

AJP Resume